Industry Expertise: B2B SaaS

CloudKettle’s expertise in the SaaS industry and deep knowledge across Salesforce Clouds makes us the perfect partner for growing B2B SaaS companies.

As your team expands, you raise funds, grow your customer base, and prepare for exponential growth – you can rely on the experts at CloudKettle to guide you through the process to ensure your house is in order. 

Whether your goal is pure growth, or an eventual acquisition – CloudKettle can help get you on the right track.

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The Approach

CloudKettle focuses on an audit and retainer approach so we can determine what will make the most sense for your organization. Beginning with the organizational audit allows us to gain a firm grasp of the inner workings of your org and the knowledge to work with you as a true partner in technological operations.

We can help you to build and optimize a streamlined end-to-end Sales process and create a true 360 customer view.

How can we help?

CloudKettle helps B2B SaaS companies to:

  • optimize platforms and data governance
  • qualify target buyers and nail the niche
  • build an end-to-end sales process
  • build a 360 degree customer view
  • grow and scale revenue operations
  • prepare for an acquisition

Our Commitment to Security

CloudKettle is fully SOC 2 Audited and compliant. This means that we maintain the highest level of information security to ensure sensitive information is handled safely and responsibly.

For organizations within the B2B SaaS space, this adds an extra layer of confidence that any sensitive data will be handled according to all the proper guidelines. Our SOC 2 compliance ensures that we are managing data correctly in the five Trust Services Categories: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Get the Most out of CloudKettle

How does an engagement with CloudKettle typically begin?

The quick answer: with an Audit.

Learn more about CloudKettle’s Audit services and the benefits your organization can gain from them.

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