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Sales and Marketing Operations

Sales and Marketing Operations (SOPs and MOPs) are two of the most in-demand skillsets at SaaS companies today. Both of these roles are centered around the intersection of technology, analytics, and internal process.

Sales Operations

Sales Operations (SOPs) are responsible for the development and implementation of the go-to-market strategy, general sales process optimization, and manage forecasting, planning, and budgeting process.  SOPs also prioritize investments in enabling technologies in support of the sales organization’s productivity.

Often SOPs work closely with senior sales leadership to align reporting, training and other programs with performance management priorities.

Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations (MOPs) effect marketing impact and operational efficiency by managing and optimizing the tech stack and developing scalable processes. MOPs are also responsible for providing visibility into marketing campaign results, measuring campaign effectiveness, tracking conversions and reporting on the health of the marketing and sales funnel.

Often, they are also the gatekeeper of the marketing database and manage data integrity and new data acquisition efforts.

The purpose of both of these roles is to help their respective teams become more efficient and accountable. However, candidates with experience are rare and difficult to retain. This leaves high-growth SaaS companies with gaps in their operational teams. 

How We Help

CloudKettle helps fill gaps or complement your Sales or Marketing Operations team. We help:

  • Select, implement and optimize platforms like:
    • Salesforce
    • Marketing Automation like Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, or Hubspot
    • Sales enablement tools like, lead enrichment tools, Salesforce to phone integrations, digital signature tools, and CPQs
  • Conduct audits and maintain security
  • Ensure compliance and governance
  • Provide strategy and a roadmap for infrastructure deployment to reach annual targets
  • Provide advice on how to develop and deploy better measurement, analytics, and reporting
    • Including Dashboards for various levels of the organization, funnel management and alerts on performance, better data management, and cleanliness
  • Improve alignment between Sales and Marketing and provide the tools to allow for real measurement and accountability
    • Maintain the overall systematic integration

We are the experienced, B2B SaaS MOPs and SOPs team you can rely on to help achieve your goals.

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CloudKettle is a consultancy that specializes in helping B2B SaaS companies build and optimize their Revenue Stack. From demand generation through to renewals, we help manage the growth of billions in sales pipeline for our clients. We do this by optimizing their instance of Salesforce and enhancing the performance of the Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, and Customer Support and Success tools it integrates with.

As a Google Premier Partner, Salesforce Silver Partner, and Marketo Silver Partner, we have deep, real-world experience improving clients’ ROI from tools like Salesforce, Marketo, and Google’s Marketing Suite.

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