Salesforce optimization

Salesforce Integration and Optimization

As a certified Salesforce Partner, we specialize in the customization and ongoing optimization of Salesforce for B2B SaaS companies. We implement Salesforce at organizations where no CRM previously existed, replace legacy CRMs, or improve the ROI of your current Salesforce implementation.  We also act as an organization’s Salesforce Administrator to help maintain and monitor your Salesforce instance.

Our team of CRM veterans will help maximum return on your investment in Salesforce by integrating it with other tools like Marketo, Bizible, Gainsight, CPQs, – even your own SaaS product.

Customization and Integrations

Customizing a CRM with features like specific fields and workflows adds long-term value. We help tailor a great product to add even more value for users.

Often, pre-existing tools like accounting packages, marketing automation, and customer support software just make sense to integrate with a new CRM. In many cases, these integrations save time for departments like Accounting, Finance, and Marketing on an ongoing basis.

Training and Onboarding

Successfully introducing a new CRM requires change. Pushing a new tool onto employees is one of the most common reasons CRM implementations fail or companies get frustrated and receive a poor ROI. Employees need to understand how the CRM will improve their workday and be properly trained.

At a minimum, several days of employee training, ideally onsite, are needed for any CRM implementation to be successful. When introducing a new CRM to employees, you are asking them to change the way they do their jobs. Employees deserve an investment of time and energy to ensure they’re supported, and the transition is seamless.

Salesforce Administration and Account Maintenance

CRM implementations don’t take care of themselves. Over time, organizations have new reporting needs, CRM features are introduced, plugins require updates and new employees may need training. A Salesforce Administrator ensures your CRM is in top shape and adapts it as your organizational needs evolve.

Salesforce Clean Ups and Upgrades

CRMs can get messy, fast. Many CRM implementations either fail to take off at the outset or slowly degrade over time. Perhaps employees were never trained properly at launch, or maybe the internal champion left the organization and excitement for the tool went with it.

Whatever the reason, many organizations need help kickstarting an existing CRM implementation back into high gear. The money has been invested, the licenses purchased and you know you need a CRM to operate effectively. Why not seek outside help to get your project back on track?

Merging Salesforce Instances

Sometimes it makes sense to merge Salesforce instances. Examples include when, one organization is acquired by another, or multiple departments in an organization use separate instances of Salesforce Sales Cloud. Merges allow Leadership, Finance, Accounting and other departments to better understand organization-wide performance and improve results. There are also cost efficiencies when everyone company-wide has one, real-time source of truth instead of gathering information from multiple places. You might even save money by reducing the total number of Salesforce licenses required.

Merging multiple Salesforce instances is complex and can be time-consuming. Salesforce Registered Consulting Partners like CloudKettle provide the coaching and experience needed to make the merger process seamless for your team. We coach clients on:

  • Which data and processes should be merged
  • How to use Salesforce features like Roles, Profiles, Record Types and Processes to ensure data’s visible only to those who need it
  • How multiple organizations or departments can still use individual sales processes and custom fields

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We specialize in helping organizations improve Salesforce and the Google Marketing Platform to drive revenue growth. With over a decade of experience building, optimizing, and managing Revenue Operations, CloudKettle understands the solutions and processes that deliver results. As a Salesforce Silver Partner and a Google Premier Partner, our team of experts know your technology from end-to-end.

With Security at the heart of everything we do; our clients know they can trust us with their most sensitive data. CloudKettle is HIPAA compliant, we undergo routine audits, and we treat all our client’s data as if it were our own.

Our areas of domain expertise, coupled with our commitment to security, make us a trusted advisor to our clients.

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