APPS | SFMC Query Saver

Save your SQL queries executed in Query Studio locally

Simply download the SFMC Query Saver Chrome Extension

This extension is a huge time-saver for Salesforce Marketing Cloud developers! Every time an SQL query is run in Query Studio, the SFMC Query Saver extension automatically stores it, giving developers a historical record of executed queries.

Why Do You Need SFMC Query Saver?

This Chrome extension enables devs to revisit previous queries and save tons of time (by not needing to recreate old queries from scratch or combing through unsaved vscode tabs). Additionally, it helps with better tracking and debugging.

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Olena Dingeldein of Freshbooks

"CloudKettle is deeply knowledgeable about integrations, data management, security/privacy, consent management, and aligning business strategies and goals. The assessment they delivered was thorough, well-structured, and clear – with recommendations, pain points, successes, and a clear path forward."

Olena Dingeldein, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations


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