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We help organizations optimize the people, processes, and technology behind their Sales and Marketing Operations teams.

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After working with fast-growing companies for the last decade, we’ve seen the same scenario time and time again. While the spend on MarTech products continues to climb, organizations aren’t getting the most out of their platforms. Today, organizations experience rapid change and struggle to retain top-tier platform experts internally. CloudKettle consulting provides platform level expertise, coupled with recommendations on process and human capital requirements to implement those platform changes.

We start every client engagement with a Revenue Operations Audit.

The auditing process takes approximately one month, including time on site with the client’s team. The result is a final document that outlines our findings, including an executive summary that provides recommendations and prioritization of what needs to be done; broken into short-term, mid-term and long-term improvements.

Following the audit, we work with clients on a retainer basis to execute on the action items produced from the Revenue Operations Audit.

Find out how your organization could benefit from a Revenue Operations Audit today.

Most organizations recoup the cost of the audit within weeks of starting their retainer. 

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CloudKettle helps enterprises drive revenue with the Salesforce and Google ecosystems. We do this by providing the strategy and hands-on keyboard execution to leverage platforms like Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Einstein, and Tableau to create highly personalized cross-channel experiences that drive revenue.

As your strategic advisor, we help by enhancing your people, processes, and technology to build a roadmap centered around scalable tactics and security.

Would you like to learn how CloudKettle can help you reach your revenue goals? Speak with a consultant today and discover how our blend of industry knowledge and platform expertise has earned us a 5/5 rating on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

Salesforce Data Retention and Deletion Policy Template

As the hub of customer data, Salesforce is a key consideration in security and privacy compliance.

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