We help enterprises use CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM) to understand and visualize their entire business in a single solution.

Learn more about our process and how our team of certified experts can help your enterprise transition from static dashboards to interactive reporting below.

Our Process

CloudKettle helps organizations unlock actionable insights that move the needle in four seamless steps.

Data Centralization

1. Data Centralization

CRM Analytics makes it easy to work with Salesforce data, but it also provides many pre-built integrations to connect external data sources. CloudKettle helps your team leverage these integrations to centralize data that is critical in painting a full picture of what’s going on in your business.

2. Data Preparation

Through the use of Dataflows and Recipes, CRM Analytics provides easy to use tools that perform complex ETL tasks on data. Leveraging these tools, CloudKettle helps your team augment datasets from multiple sources, and prepare it for reporting and analysis.

3. Uncovering Unknown Insights

Einstein Discovery makes it easy to leverage Machine Learning and AI models within CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM). Using transparent models provided by Einstein Discovery, CloudKettle helps your team discover and understand hidden insights that are otherwise buried in massive datasets.

4. Data Visualization

CRM Analytics makes it easy to create beautiful interactive visualizations. Using these tools, CloudKettle helps your team turn once static dashboards into an interactive tool that users can use to explore their data and answer their own questions.

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