While the spend on the technology stack and MarTech products continues to climb, organizations aren’t getting the most out of their platforms.

Today, organizations experience rapid change and struggle to retain top-tier platform experts internally. CloudKettle consulting provides platform level expertise, coupled with recommendations on process and human capital requirements to implement those platform changes.

Simply put – we provide the hands-on guidance you need to get the most out of your platforms and see true ROI.

We start every client engagement with a Revenue Operations Audit.

The audit takes approximately one month, including time with key stakeholders and team members responsible for the day-to-day delivery. The result is a final document that outlines our findings, including an executive summary that provides recommendations and prioritization of what needs to be done in the short-term, mid-term and long-term based on the client’s stated business goals.

What Can an Audit do for Your Organization?

Following the audit, we work with clients, on a retainer basis, to execute on the recommendations outlined in the final report. The scope of work we assist with is tailored to each client.

Here are a few ways we help:

  • Actionable advice on process and best practices for fast-growing companies
  • Strategic oversight of dashboards and analytics to enable on-demand customer analytics
  • User-centric Salesforce solutions across Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud
  • Robust integration projects such as implementing the Salesforce Google Analytics 360 integration

Find out how your organization could benefit from a Revenue Operations Audit today. Most organizations recoup the cost of the audit within weeks of starting their retainer.

* Must have Salesforce Enterprise edition or above to qualify for the Rev Ops audit.

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Maura Ginty, CMO at Mode

"I trust CloudKettle will discover and resolve revenue operations issues like no other resource can."

Maura Ginty, CMO

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