CloudKettle is one of my most trusted partners. They bring a world class team, great leadership and outstanding communication at all levels to every engagement.

Wendy White

Wendy White



CloudKettle is helping us make better business decisions and improving the quality of data and signals coming from our Sales and Marketing technologies.

Jeff Austin

Jeff Austin

VP, Revenue Operations


CloudKettle is helping us leverage our existing data to gain a much deeper understanding of our players’ preferences, allowing us to create targeted campaigns, personalized content, and unique digital experiences. CloudKettle is helping us use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to keep our players at the center of everything we do.

Merrill Fullerton

Manager, eCommerce Growth

Atlantic Lottery Corporation

Across different organizations and tech stacks, I trust CloudKettle will discover and resolve revenue operations issues like no other resource can. They don’t shield strategic issues or forget execution details. I work with them repeatedly because I know that they will have both a unique and vetted perspective that will help us get ahead of our growth and scale for years to come.

Maura Ginty, CMO at Mode

Maura Ginty


Mode Analytics

This was one of the cleanest implementations I have experienced in 20+ years in the IT industry. They took the time to understand our current state and our expectations, brought in highly qualified people (who were both technically capable as well as able to effectively communicate with the stakeholders), and delivered exactly what was agreed to. Overall it was an amazing job from a partner I will use again.


Trevor Pothier

Vice President of Advancement

University of Fredericton

CloudKettle is a trusted partner that goes above and beyond in their work. They keep us thinking about data quality, how to improve usage, the user experience, minimizing long term maintenance costs and overall they care for our Salesforce org as if it were their own.

Robert Josey

Senior Manager, Sales Operations


CloudKettle brings a combination of expertise, directness, hubris, and dedication that I have not seen from any other firm. They manage the macro and the detail with extraordinary skill and communication. From Salesforce itself to the integrations with our platform: billing system, marketing, data enrichment, and others, I have always felt we had the ability, through CloudKettle, to tackle all requirements and challenges.”

scott crawford browserstack

Scott Crawford



“CloudKettle has helped Splunk improve it’s overall Marketing Operations; aligning the strategy and technology that allow us to measure and optimize our efforts. They understand our needs as a fast-scaling, technology leader and excel in helping improve the success of our Marketing Operations team.”

Renaud Bizet headshot

Renaud Bizet

Vice President of Marketing Strategy & Operations


“I initially engaged CloudKettle only to audit our Revenue Stack but found they could help me drive change across the organization based on their roadmap. I see CloudKettle as a trusted advisor to me and my team and they regularly provide actionable advice to my team. For me, they bring the right combination of hands on keyboard execution for demand generation, marketing and sales operations coupled with strategic advice and direction. CloudKettle is a seamless part of our team, from strategy to execution – they treat our budgets, leads, and opportunities as if they were their own.”

Brian Goldfarb, CMO of Splunk

Brian Goldfarb



“We engaged CloudKettle to assist with the merger of two Salesforce instances. CloudKettle did a fantastic job. The planning was detailed and considered all aspects to ensure success, the execution was flawless, and their support and follow through was exceptional. I was travelling on go-live day and proof of success was speaking with users from both user groups who barely noticed the change.

I would highly recommend CloudKettle.”

Dwayne Primeau

Dwayne Primeau


Northern Business Intelligence

“Swept is growing quickly and we need to surround ourselves with people who understand what we are going through. We refuse to have someone slap us on the back and say we are doing a great job when it is clear we can improve. CloudKettle is able to cut through the fluff, help us pin down key messaging and keep sales team members focused and hunting effectively. They challenge us to think bigger, sell more, and move faster. CloudKettle is part of the Swept team.”

Michael Brown, Co-Founder & CEO of Swept

Michael Brown



“CloudKettle’s understanding of how Marketing and Sales Operations work together sets them apart from their peers. They understand B2B SaaS and how Marketing should be fuelling Sales. Their recommendations, based on data, is strategic, actionable, and will make a substantial impact on your sales and marketing process. I would highly recommend CloudKettle to any fast-growth B2B SaaS company that wants to align Marketing and Sales, and grow top line revenue.”

Adam Draper

Adam Draper

VP Sales, North America