Maximize Your Marketing ROI with Attribution Engine

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Successful marketing attribution relies on accurate data from various sources in your Salesforce and Marketing Automation platforms. And the process begins with capturing attribution data when a prospect fills out a form on your website. The Attribution Engine ensures consistent data capture and standardization, regardless of the discovery channel – ensuring you have the reliable and consistent data you need.

Capture Multi-Touch Attribution

Make smarter decisions by seeing the full customer journey

Gain insights at every touchpoint in your customers’ journey to make more informed marketing decisions. The Attribution Engine helps capture extensive data, providing a comprehensive view of your marketing investment. Use this data to build insightful marketing attribution reports.

Standardize UTM Values

Ensure consistent tracking across all campaigns

With Attribution Engine, you can standardize UTM values across all your marketing campaigns. This ensures accurate tracking and helps maintain consistency in your data, providing more reliable results and enabling more strategic decisions.

Track Organic Traffic

Boost visibility and attract high-quality leads

Using Attribution Engine helps you track your organic traffic and see how it affects your overall marketing plan. The information it provides lets you learn about your audience’s behavior. This means you can improve your content to get more high-quality leads and make your online presence stronger.

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