Create your own campaign URL with UTM Builder

Customize. Standardize. Optimize.

The UTM Builder lets you create your own customized campaign URLs with the correct UTM values. Hosted on your Marketing Cloud account, it allows you to create a pre-defined UTM for your most commonly used channels.

How CloudKettle’s Customizable UTM Builder Differs from Other UTM Builders

While most UTM builders allow you to create a URL with UTM parameters, CloudKettle’s Customizable UTM Builder also enables you to use presets in addition to the standard UTM builder functionality. This feature not only saves time but also ensures consistently formatted UTM parameters. With CloudKettle’s UTM Builder, you can create a custom UTM Builder with your own presets and host it anywhere you wish.

CloudKettle is a Salesforce Summit Partner

Olena Dingeldein of Freshbooks

"CloudKettle is deeply knowledgeable about integrations, data management, security/privacy, consent management, and aligning business strategies and goals. The assessment they delivered was thorough, well-structured, and clear – with recommendations, pain points, successes, and a clear path forward."

Olena Dingeldein, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations


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