Enhancing Data Security

A Deep Dive into API Access Control in Salesforce In this new guide from CloudKettle, explore the critical aspects of API access control and how it can contribute to enhanced […]

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Salesforce for Outlook Retirement

Salesforce has introduced several integrations for Outlook over the years. While similarly named, these integrations have differences in terms of scope and functionality. This resource will help readers to understand […]

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Salesforce Data Sampling for Mock/Sandbox Migrations

This helpful resource gives you the steps to sample data when migrating from a legacy CRM to a Partial Copy Sandbox for a mock data migration.

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Salesforce Deal Desk

A Deak Desk is responsible for ensuring that all sales meet the organization’s criteria for profitability, risk, and strategic alignment, while also facilitating communication and collaboration between Sales, Legal and […]

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Salesforce Governance Guide

One of the best things you can do for your Salesforce org is to actually develop a Governance Policy. While this may seem like an overwhelming undertaking, this guide from CloudKettle […]

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Updated: Introduction to Salesforce Maps

Salesforce Maps can bring value to your organization. In this guide, we review common use cases and how to get it set up in Salesforce.

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A CRO’s Guide to Revenue and Reporting

In this ebook, we cover why Chief Revenue Officer is the hottest title in SaaS […]

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How to Eliminate Salesforce Maintenance Headaches

In this guide we discuss how taking a proactive approach to Salesforce management can eliminate […]

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