5 Intangibles You Should Look For in a Workplace

When it comes to choosing a workplace, there are a lot of factors to consider. Salary, benefits, and location are all important, but intangible aspects shape the work environment and can make a big difference in your overall job satisfaction. Here are five intangibles for selecting a workplace that aligns with your professional and personal goals.

1. A Culture of Diversity and Inclusivity

An exceptional workplace values diversity and inclusivity. It actively seeks out and embraces individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. In an inclusive workplace, everyone feels welcome and appreciated, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or other characteristics.

At CloudKettle, Diversity and Inclusion is a major pillar of our organization. We work with groups such as ISANS to conduct workshops and seminars across our entire team to educate and deepen our understanding of our multicultural workplace.

2. LGBTQ+ Alliances and Support

A top-notch workplace goes beyond tolerance and actively cultivates an LGBTQ+ affirming atmosphere. Look for companies that establish alliances, resource groups, or employee networks dedicated to creating an inclusive space for LGBTQ+ employees. A workplace that champions LGBTQ+ rights fosters a positive environment and attracts diverse talent, fostering a culture of acceptance and equality. CloudKettle is a proud QueerTech partner and our team members have had the opportunity to participate in the allyship training and education offered by the organization.

3. Work-Life Balance

The perfect workplace knows that you’re more than just an employee; you’re a person with a life outside of work. This means that employees should be able to work reasonable hours and have time for their personal lives outside of work. Companies that offer flexible schedules, remote work options, or generous vacation policies are generally better at supporting their employees’ well-being. Given that the majority of the work done by CloudKettle can be conducted remotely, our team benefits from a hybrid work environment. (Be in the office if you want to be, work from home if that works better for you). This flexibility also contributes greatly to the team’s overall sense of work-life balance.

4. Opportunities for Growth and Development

Your workplace should offer opportunities to grow and develop your skills. Think training programs, mentorship initiatives, and chances to take on exciting new responsibilities. Companies investing in their employees’ growth and development are more likely to retain talented workers.

At CloudKettle, we have dedicated time set aside every week to prioritize professional development across the team. Employees are encouraged to work on the accreditations and certifications that are most interesting to them and will help them progress in their careers.

5. Positive Workplace Culture

Finally, a good workplace should have a positive workplace culture. This means that employees should feel valued and appreciated and that there is a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Companies that foster a positive workplace culture are more likely to have happy and productive employees. So look for a workplace that nurtures a positive culture because it’s the secret ingredient to a happy and productive you!


When hunting for the workplace of your dreams, don’t forget to consider those intangible factors that can truly make a difference in your job satisfaction. A workplace that champions diversity, LGBTQ+ inclusivity, work-life balance, growth opportunities, and a positive culture is like striking gold. So go ahead, prioritize these game-changers, and watch your professional and personal goals align in the most amazing way possible!

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