A Marketer’s Takeaways from Connections 2023

Trailblazers from around the world gathered at the highly anticipated Salesforce Connections 2023 event last week. The event was filled with fresh updates, new releases, and groundbreaking announcements. As a marketer, I was particularly inspired by the collaborative journey that the Marketing Product teams and the Trailblazers community are taking to shape the future of marketing platforms at Salesforce.

Data Cloud: The Unified Powerhouse

Data Cloud emerged as the cornerstone of the announcements at Connections 2023. Serving as the foundation for every Salesforce offering, Data Cloud seamlessly integrates the Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Commerce Cloud under a shared data model. This unification is a game-changer for marketers, as it enables advanced personalization through a consolidated customer profile. Imagine a world where one-to-one relationships with customers are the norm, bolstered by a dynamic and integrated ecosystem.

Marketing GPT: Revolutionizing Marketers’ Toolbox

The next big thing in marketing is the introduction of Marketing GPT, a breakthrough technology that promises to overhaul the marketing landscape, similar to its impact across diverse industries. However, Marketing GPT’s potential is contingent on a structured data strategy. Marketers should prioritize data management as it holds the key to unlock GPT’s true prowess.

The exciting initial application of Marketing GPT will be utilizing ChatGPT to segment your database, swiftly followed by the creation of subject lines and email bodies. This is set to launch this fall.

Google BigQuery Integration: Data Sharing Simplified

Salesforce surprised attendees with the announcement of Google BigQuery Integration, which is set to roll out in Spring ’24. The integration enables bidirectional data sharing between Google BigQuery and Salesforce Data Cloud. Imagine the possibility of utilizing data from BigQuery tables directly through Data Cloud and vice versa, without any data duplication or ETL processes. This is bound to greatly amplify your data handling efficiency.

Einstein Lookalikes for Data Cloud: Scaling with Precision

Attention Demand Marketers! Expanding your audience reach has never been this intuitive. With Einstein Lookalikes for Data Cloud, you can now harness the power of AI to scale your first-party data and pinpoint your target audience with unerring accuracy. This cutting-edge feature is set to redefine audience targeting and expansion strategies, giving you a competitive edge.

Account Engagement Meets Data Cloud

The new native integration is a great advantage for marketers because it combines Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) data with Data Cloud, allowing for more precise segmentation. Consider the possibilities that arise when target accounts and leads can be more accurately identified and engaged through data from Data Cloud. This integration provides marketers with the insights and tools needed to create more compelling and targeted marketing campaigns.

A Glimpse into the Future: Marketing Labs Visionary Demo

Last but not least, the Marketing Labs team took the audience on a futuristic voyage through a visionary demo. Although still in its early stages, the demo provided a tantalizing glimpse into the future of Marketing Cloud. With an enhanced email builder and the integration of flows within Salesforce Campaigns, the horizon is full of possibilities for marketers. Stay tuned for the remarkable innovations to come.

In conclusion, Salesforce Connections 2023 has set the stage for a new era in marketing. With the introduction of Data Cloud, the application of Marketing GPT, and an array of integrations and features, marketers are now equipped with the tools to forge deeper connections and deliver unparalleled customer experiences. We are looking forward to embracing these advancements and continue trailblazing our way into the future!


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