Salesforce Summer '22 Release picks

Salesforce Summer 22 Release Features – Our Top Picks

Our Salesforce team has poured over the Salesforce Summer ’22 Release notes and picked the top 5 features that they believe will have the biggest positive impact on the lives of Devs, Admins and end-users. Let’s jump in!

Salesforce Overall
Salesforce Flow
Sales Engagement (High Velocity Sales)

Salesforce Overall

1. Customize and Filter Related Lists in the Lightning App Builder

  • Customize related lists directly from the Lightning App Builder instead of the page layout editor with the new Dynamic Related List – Single component.
  • Choose the list’s fields and sort order, apply filters, and give the list a descriptive name directly in the Lightning App Builder.
  • To see the most relevant records to your users, set up two or more related lists with different filters on the same object. For example, on the Account record page, create one related list to see only the opportunities created in the last 30 days. Then, create a second related list to see all opportunities won.

Why we love it: This simple update allows you to provide more relevant records on related lists, sort them, and provide an improved experience for your users.

Source: Customize and Filter Related Lists


2. Clean Up Inactive Picklist Values (Beta)

  • Manage inactive picklist values and enforce limits on inactive values for custom picklists to improve system performance and overall health
  • A new button is now available to bulk delete the unused values for those subscribed to the beta
  • Opt in to Bulk Delete Inactive Picklist Values (beta) from the Picklist Settings page. From the Inactive Values section of the picklist field, click Delete Unused Values

Customization of picklist

Why we love it: This one is for the Admins out there. When you are managing picklist values, you can now make the changes all at once, instead of doing them one at a time and waiting for the page to refresh. There is also a second beta that mirrors this functionality (on the way currently in a closed beta).

Source: Clean Up Inactive Picklist Values

Salesforce Flow

3. Formulas as Flow Entry Conditions

  • With the Summer ‘22 Release, Admins can now use formulas for the entry criteria of a record triggered flow. As with regular formulas in Salesforce Admins may validate the syntax.
  • Previously, Admins were able to use conditions on specific fields with AND/OR logical combinations

Formulas as Flow Entry Conditions in Salesforce

Why we love it: This update allows you to further control exactly what triggers the Flows in your org, using a formula to evaluate the criteria to make sure that only the right conditions are triggering your flow without a follow-up decision node.

Source: Formulas as Flow Entry Conditions

4. Convert Workflow Rules to Flows with the Migrate to Flow Tool (Generally Available)

  • With the Summer ‘22 Release, Admins can now use the Migrate to Flow tool to convert Workflow rules into Flows
  • Previously, this tool didn’t support conversion if certain components are used in the workflow rules
  • Note that Formulas that use Hour, Minute, Second, TimeNow, TimeValue, IsClone, or $RecordType are not yet supported

Salesforce Migrate to Flow Tool

Why we love it: This tool helps Admins move the existing Workflow Rules into Flow with minimal oversight. With workflow rules slated for retirement, running this tool in a sandbox org gives you an easy head start to working with Flows.

Source: Convert Workflow Rules to Flows

Sales Engagement (High Velocity Sales)

5. Use High Velocity Sales without an Add-On License

  • From the Summer ’22 Release, High Velocity Sales has been renamed as “Sales Engagement”. Sales Engagement provides your users with a unified Sales experience that promotes efficiency and streamlines sales processes.
    • This automation feature has grown to include customer engagement tracking, chatbots and sales cadences
  • From the Summer ’22 Release, Salesforce orgs using Performance or Unlimited Edition can access High Velocity Sales without purchasing additional add-on licenses
  • The feature is included as part of the Sales Cloud Included license at no extra cost

Source: High Velocity Sales to be Renamed Sales Engagement and High Velocity Sales Without an Add-On License

If you are using HVS Currently:

  • To ensure continued use of HVS features, reassign HVS users to either the new High Velocity Sales User Included permission set of High Velocity Sales Cadence Creator Included permission set
  • For HVS users who also use Einstein Activity Capture and Inbox, assign the new Einstein Activity Capture Included and Inbox Included permissions

Why we love it: Sales Engagement provides Users with a unified Sales experience that promotes efficiency and streamlines sales processes. With Work Queue automations, Sales Cadences and more, reps can spend less time capturing data and navigating leads, and more time selling to them.

Source: High Velocity Sales Permissions

For further information on the Summer ‘22 release, please refer to the Salesforce Summer ’22 Release Notes

Thank you to our team of Salesforce experts for reviewing the Summer ’22 release notes and coming up with this great list of picks!

the Salesforce team at CloudKettle

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