Marketing Automation Guide: How to Turn Website Traffic into Qualified Leads

Learn How to Turn Website Traffic Into Leads and Leads Into Sales

The Marketing Automation Guide: How to Turn Website Traffic into Qualified Leads

Are you considering implementing a Marketing Automation platform? Is your organization developing an Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing strategy?

If you answered yes to either of these, then this ebook is for you!

Marketing automation is how you convert website visitors into leads, leads
into customers and customers into loyal brand advocates who spend more.

This ebook provides simple steps to help you get started.

Inside, we cover:

  • What Marketing Automation, Inbound and Content Marketing really are
  • What you need to have in place before investing in Marketing Automation
  • How to chose the right Marketing Automation platform
  • How to calculate the ROI of Marketing Automation
  • Why you should and should not use Marketing Automation

All with easy to follow steps, in plain English, plus helpful templates and a readiness checklist to get you started.

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