Org Merger Checklist: Salesforce Features for Alignment

When merging Salesforce orgs, there are several things to consider and plan to ensure that the org continues to operate effectively and efficiently. It is important to define the key aspects of each org and determine how they can be integrated to create a comprehensive and unified platform.

With so many areas of Salesforce to review, it’s easy for certain things to slip through the cracks.

This document reviews all of the features on which your organization should be aligned, and for which a decision should be reached BEFORE starting the org merger. Some of these decisions impact the entire org, and can’t be made on a per-business unit basis, so alignment is critical!

For convenience, we’ve sorted these into Tiers of Importance, ranging from the things you absolutely MUST agree upon, to the ones that are not as critical (but still worth reviewing) before you begin your org merger.


Salesforce Partner Checklist

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