The Benefits of Salesforce Unlimited Edition

In this video, Salesforce Practice Lead Ishan Babbar reviews the benefits of the Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud Unlimited editions, and discuss the advantages of Unlimited vs. Enterprise editions.

He covers topics including:

  • Productivity Features
  • AI Features
  • Einstein Relationship Insights
  • Metadata & Storage Limits
  • Performance and Integration, and more!

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Hello, everyone! Today, we’ll talk about getting the most value out of your Salesforce Unlimited investment. Whether you’ve recently made the move or are considering it, understanding the unique features and advantages of the platform can make a significant impact on your business operations.

In this video, we’ll talk about Sales Cloud & Service Cloud Features that are included in the Sales and Service Cloud Unlimited editions. Additionally, we will briefly discuss the Platform advantages of the Unlimited Edition over the Enterprise Edition.

Sales Cloud
Let’s start with the Sales Cloud and its productivity features. The Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition offers a suite of Sales products, including AI features designed to boost Salesperson productivity. One such productivity feature is Sales Engagement, formerly known as High-Velocity Sales. This feature allows administrators to set up cadences for contacts, providing a guided path for contact engagement. This feature also streamlines workflows with functionality such as enrolling leads and contacts in queues, using Click-to-Dial to easily connect with prospects, and automatic creation of Task records for each activity.

Einstein GPT
Moving to the AI features, let’s discuss Einstein GPT. This tool enables Sales users to auto-draft sales emails with the ‘Draft with Einstein’ prompt. This time-saving feature lets sales representatives focus on connecting with more prospects efficiently.

Einstein Relationship Insights
Next – Einstein Relationship Insights (ERI), a tool that aggregates key account information from not only Sales Cloud but also the web. Einstein Relationship Insights empowers sales teams with AI-driven relationship intelligence, providing insights, analytics, and prompts to optimize customer interactions and accelerate the sales process.

Additional AI Features
Salesforce Unlimited comes with additional AI tools, such as Buyer Assistant, Einstein Conversation Insights, Einstein Email Insights, Lead Scoring, and Einstein Forecasting, that all offer advanced functionalities for sales team. I urge you to look into all of these features in greater detail.

Service Cloud Additional Features
Ok – now let’s switch gears to Service Cloud Unlimited. Salesforce Knowledge is an included feature in the Unlimited Edition and is a valuable tool for maintaining a Knowledge Base. Additionally, Salesforce’s Digital Engagement tool allows direct customer engagement, including messaging across various channels such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS or Web.

Platform Benefits
Now, let’s explore the platform benefits of Salesforce Unlimited -, specifically key metadata and data storage limits. Salesforce Unlimited is well-suited for complex organizations with multiple business units, providing higher limits compared to the Enterprise Edition. In particular, there is a 2000 custom object limit for the Unlimited Edition vs. 200 for the Enterprise Edition and 800 custom fields per object for the Unlimited Edition vs. 500 for the Enterprise Edition.

Performance and Integration
With regards to performance and integration – API request limits and allocations differ between Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. Salesforce Unlimited benefits organizations with many integrations, offering a higher 24-hour API call limit.

And finally – Sandboxes: Salesforce Unlimited includes one full copy sandbox, 100 Developer Sandboxes, 5 Developer Pro Sandboxes, and one Partial Copy Sandbox, offering extensive testing capabilities. This is a significant advantage over the Enterprise Edition and leveraging a full copy sandbox in the development lifecycle is key in gaining an ROI on your Unlimited investment.

In summary, while Salesforce Enterprise Edition may meet the needs of many businesses, opting for Salesforce Unlimited Edition unlocks advanced functionalities, increased data and metadata capabilities, and can be a great choice for complex Salesforce orgs.

Thanks for listening and See you next time!


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