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Today, businesses have access to more data than ever before. They are collecting information about their customers, their products, even their competitors. However, despite this unprecedented access, businesses are challenged to find meaningful and actionable insights.

At CloudKettle, we believe collecting the data is only the first step. In order for data to be useful, it needs to have context. And from context and experience, comes actionable insights and unlocking deeper questions.

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Our Process

Collect, Clean, Centralize

We collect, clean, and pipe your data into a centralized place like Salesforce, Bigquery, or Einstein Analytics to create a single source of truth.

Structure and Analyze

Once centralized, data is structured and transformed which enables analysts to provide quicker, more accurate solutions and empower the business user and Executive team to self-serve.

Insights and Automation

Automated, reliable reporting means business analysts can spend time mining for insights and finding transformational business opportunities.

The Solutions We Specialize In

CloudKettle’s Business Intelligence team works with various key stakeholders within the enterprise to assist with everything from basic operational reporting to advanced and/or predictive modeling.

The Google Cloud Platform is the perfect toolbox for data specialists looking to create a powerful, end to end Business Intelligence stack.

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Salesforce Einstein Analytics & Discovery helps organizations understand and visualize their entire business in a single solution.

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CloudKettle helps enterprises drive revenue with the Salesforce and Google ecosystems. We do this by providing the strategy and hands-on keyboard execution to leverage platforms like Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Einstein, and Tableau to create highly personalized cross-channel experiences that drive revenue.

As your strategic advisor, we help by enhancing your people, processes, and technology to build a roadmap centered around scalable tactics and security.

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