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CloudKettle helps organizations leverage the Google Cloud Platform to centralize, transform and derive knowledge from their data.

The Google Cloud Platform is the perfect toolbox for data specialists looking to create a powerful, end to end Business Intelligence stack. 

From back end ETL solutions to front end analytics and reporting, CloudKettle helps organizations leverage the Google Cloud Platform to construct a best of breed business intelligence infrastructure.

Google Cloud BI Solution Architecture

Google BI Solution Architecture

Using the five solutions below, CloudKettle helps organizations architect a best in class business intelligence ecosystem.

Cloud DataPrep

A data transformation tool used to create Cloud Dataflow jobs that clean and transform data.

Cloud Data Fusion

A fully managed, data integration service that leverages open source connectors to efficiently build and manage enterprise level ETL/ELT data pipelines.

Google Bigquery

A highly scalable Enterprise Data Warehouse where prepped data is stored and analyzed using SQL.

Google Data Studio

A data visualization tool used to help deliver insights in an interactive and engaging way.

Google Cloud Storage

 A repository for large batch ingests and/or as a Data Lake to store many types of objects.

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CloudKettle helps enterprises drive revenue with the Salesforce and Google ecosystems. We do this by providing the strategy and hands-on keyboard execution to leverage platforms like Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Einstein, and Tableau to create highly personalized cross-channel experiences that drive revenue.

As your strategic advisor, we help by enhancing your people, processes, and technology to build a roadmap centered around scalable tactics and security.

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