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Marketing Automation

We implement Marketing Automation platforms, oversee migrations, or leverage legacy platforms not being used to their full potential. We combine these processes with an Inbound Marketing strategy to create relevant content that adds value for your users.

This combination allows us to optimize lead capture and build nurture Marketing Automation campaigns. Even further, we prep leads and ensure Sales is alerted in Salesforce when hot leads are ready to work.  

Status Quo 

Leads generated from Inbound Marketing and accelerated with Marketing Automation can improve the effectiveness of marketing dollars and support Sales teams. However, most organizations only have the time and internal resources to tap into 10% of the value their Marketo, Eloqua or Hubspot instance can provide. Status quo at most organizations looks like: 

  • Your instance of Marketo or some other tool allows you to get form submissions that flow into Salesforce as leads
  • There is rudimentary lead nurturing happening with emails
  • There is some basic lead scoring

Are You Leveraging Your Marketing Automation Platform To Its Full Potential?

However, an organization can leverage 100% of their marketing automation platform’s value by doing/implementing the following:

  • Nurture campaigns for raw leads that reflect your buyer personas, and leads’ sales cycles stage 
  • Campaigns that prepare existing clients for cross-sell and upsell opportunities
    • These campaigns should also notify salespeople/Customer Success teams on when to intercede and warm a customer months in advance of their renewal.
  • Record and provide exportable data on each site visit and allow for the optimization of not only marketing automation performance but also ad performance
  • True lead scoring that is based on actual historical performance instead of a gut instinct on which lead fields are important
  • True integration with Salesforce that goes beyond the basic plug and play deployment

We help our clients get the most out of their Marketo, Eloqua or Hubspot instance by helping them execute on these things and more. As a Salesforce partner, we understand the full scope of how tools like Marketo and Salesforce interact and how to best optimize these platforms in tandem.

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CloudKettle is a boutique consultancy that helps B2B SaaS companies build and optimize their Revenue Stack. From demand generation through to renewals, we help manage the growth of billions in sales pipeline for our clients. We do this by optimizing their instance of Salesforce and enhancing the performance of the Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, and Customer Support and Success tools it integrates with.

We have deep, real-world experience improving clients’ ROI from Salesforce and tools like Marketo, Eloqua, Bizible, and Hubspot.

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