New Template: Salesforce Data Retention and Destruction policy

Our newest resource is a template designed to help enterprise Salesforce teams develop their own Salesforce Data Retention and Destruction policy. 

As the hub of customer data, Salesforce is a key consideration in security and privacy compliance frameworks. Many of the items outlined in this Data Retention and Destruction Policy are necessary to comply with many regulatory frameworks, including; SOC 2 and ISO.

Why Have a Salesforce Data Retention and Destruction policy? 

Once populated, this template will help your organization: 

  1. Minimize the liability and impact of any potential breaches 
  2. Help improve Org speed and performance 
  3. Improve user experience by eliminating unneeded data 

We hope you find it valuable, please reach out today if you have any questions. 

Click here to download our Salesforce Data Retention and Destruction Policy Template! 

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