CloudKettle founder and CEO, Greg Poirier, was recently joined by Sales and Marketing/RevOps experts Ursula Ayrout and Betsy Sewell to chat about their experiences in RevOps and share some thoughts and insights on planning for 2023.

These are some of the highlights, and you can find the full video below.

  • 2:24 – What matters more? Size of company or ARR?
  • 8:40 – Why can’t we have standardized naming conventions and acronyms?
  • 11:10 – Thoughts on shifting to an ABM strategy
  • 17:15 – What do you look for when hiring a Revenue Operations expert?
  • 22:38 – How do you enable a strong retention strategy?
  • 24:20 – How often should one be cleaning their email database? (And what’s the price of holding on to records for too long.)
  • 31:00 – How do you create software renewal hygiene?
  • 34:50 – If you had unlimited budget, which product or platform would you want to add to your stack?
  • 37:00 – It’s ok to reuse content
  • 37:59 – When do you bring in an agency to support your efforts for Operations?
  • 41:40 – For someone starting out in Revenue Operations/Sales Career – what would be your best advice?

Have questions, or want to know more about the best way for your organization to move Salesforce data? Get in touch! We’d love to chat with you.


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