CMO: the Riskiest Seat in the C-Suite

CMO: the Riskiest Seat in the C-Suite

The Harvard Business Review recently published a report on how the CMO is the riskiest seat in the C-suite.

Working with B2B SaaS CMOs we’ve seen this first-hand. Often, with CMO positions there’s a lack of clarity around expectations and measurement of success.

The first step to take to combat the lack of clarity around CMO milestones is to define Marketing’s contribution to Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) pipeline. The second is to build a Revenue Stack that’s powered by data you can trust. In this eBook we cover:

  • How to set up milestones and metrics of B2B SaaS success
  • How to implement cross-channel data cleanliness best practices
  • Why data visualization is vital for Go-to-Market organizational alignment
  • How to track attribution in Salesforce beyond the first or last touch attribution model
  • How to take your content distribution strategy to the next level
  • How to skyrocket sales referrals

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CloudKettle is a consultancy that specializes in helping B2B SaaS companies build and optimize their Revenue Stack. From demand generation through to renewals, we help manage the growth of billions in sales pipeline for our clients. We do this by optimizing their instance of Salesforce and enhancing the performance of the Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, and Customer Support and Success tools it integrates with.

As a Google Premier Partner, Salesforce Silver Partner, and Marketo Silver Partner, we have deep, real-world experience improving clients’ ROI from tools like Salesforce, Marketo, and Google’s Marketing Suite.

“CloudKettle’s understanding of how Marketing and Sales Operations work together sets them apart from their peers.”

Adam Draper, VP Sales, North America Introhive