Health Check for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Introducing Health Check for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Identify key issues in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account
with an easy-to-use App.

We’re excited to announce that Health Check for Salesforce Marketing Cloud will soon be available on Salesforce AppExchange. Just like the previous version, this free resource will generate a secure PDF report of your Marketing Cloud account with a snapshot of your overall account health and identifies issues that require remediation. Stay tuned for the upcoming AppExchange launch!

Created by Salesforce MVP and global Marketing Cloud expert Eliot Harper, your report will include a grade score for each business unit within your Marketing Cloud account and allow you to compare your results to industry standards.

Highly Secure

Rest assured, your Marketing Cloud data is not collected or shared by an external system; for more information on how your data is used, read the FAQ section below.

Soon Available on the App Exchange

Health Check for Marketing Cloud from CloudKettle

Health Check for Marketing Cloud FAQs

How long does it take to generate the report?
This depends on how many Business Units you have in your account. Typically, you will receive an email with a link to the report in 10–20 minutes.

Is any account data exported from my Marketing Cloud account?
No. Data that is used to generate report information from your Marketing Cloud account is only available in the report PDF, which is sent to the email address of the Marketing Cloud user who is using the app.

How is the PDF report generated?
PDF file is generated on-demand by a secure API which is triggered by a Script Activity in your Marketing Cloud account. The generated PDF is not stored anywhere.

Can you help me remediate the issues identified in the report?
Yes. CloudKettle has extensive experience in optimizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud accounts. We can also provide an in-depth audit, which includes integrations and additional areas not included in this free report. Please contact us for more information.

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