Einstein Analytics Virtual Summit top 3 takeaways

Top 3 Takeaways From The Einstein Analytics Plus Virtual Partner Summit

Last week we had the opportunity to attend the Einstein Analytics Plus Virtual Partner Summit. It was great to connect with other certified Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultants to learn more about the product roadmap. The agenda was packed with lots of information; both best practices and new Einstein features that are coming soon were shared. 

There were lots of great features showcased, but three of them stood out above the rest:

  1. Einstein Dataprep: Rework of Dataflows and Recipes
  2. Enhanced SQL Support
  3. Ability to Add A Custom Model to Einstein Discovery

Keep reading for an overview of each of these new Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery features. **Before we dive in, please remember these features are on the roadmap but not currently available. 

**Note: Please make all purchasing decisions based on existing Einstein Analytics and Discovery functionality. 

Einstein Dataprep: Rework of Dataflows and Recipes

Exciting enhancements are coming to existing Dataflows and Recipes within Einstein Analytics. Soon, Einstein Analytics users will have a true workflow creation tool that comes with Data Previews; a key feature that is not currently available in the Dataflow tool.

This enhanced functionality also means added features to Einstein Discovery tools like the ability to create a field that leverages sentiment analysis.

This feature will help teams clean up the data manager by consolidating multiple Recipes and Dataflows into one workflow. 

Enhanced SQL Support

Up until this release, any customization work within Einstein Analytics required coding in a dedicated language to Einstein Analytics called SAQL. Now, Einstein Analytics is also supporting SQL! This eliminates having to learn SAQL in some cases. Where SQL is a more common language, this should increase user adoption and empower users who have advanced SQL skills to leverage Einstein Analytics for deeper analysis. 

It is still unclear how much SQL will be supported (for example, will SQL support bindings?). However, this is a very exciting announcement and a great update for Einstein Analytics users.

Ability to Add A Custom Model to Einstein Discovery

Einstein Discovery also has some great new features coming later this year. The most exciting of these is the ability for users to add their own custom model into Einstein Discovery. 

This means users are no longer limited to the models that come pre-packaged with Einstein Discovery, such as linear regression. This feature will enable Data Scientists and Business Intelligence teams to upload their own models into Einstein Discovery for predictive analysis to answer questions like; which leads have the greatest chance of converting to an opportunity? Or which customers have a greater chance of churning? 

Wrap Up 

If your team is considering purchasing Einstein Analytics or just getting started with the platform, check out our blog: Getting Started with Salesforce Einstein Analytics

We hope this blog provided valuable insights on new features on the Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery roadmap. Interested in learning more about how enterprises can leverage Einstein Analytics to unlock transformational insights? Reach out today

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