UX Case Study | Cloud Banking Industry

Enhancing Usability for your Salesforce Org

Strategies for Streamlining Efficiency and Boosting Sales Performance in Cloud Banking

The Challenge

This case study explores the research process and innovative solutions developed to enhance the user experience within the Salesforce org for a leading cloud banking company.


The primary objective was to conduct user interviews for the client to gain insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points within the Salesforce Platform. The goal was to understand the various content types available to users, including Objects, Apps, Record Types, and Fields.

Collecting info regarding which content types were most relevant to users, as well as determining any missing elements that would be useful, would enable the development of solutions that improve the overall usability of the client’s Salesforce platform.

To gather a diverse range of use cases, interviews were conducted with Salesforce users from various departments within the organization such as Sales, Reporting, Accounting and Product Development. Leveraging screen share technology, participants were observed while performing specific tasks within the Salesforce platform.

This approach allowed for insights into the unique perspectives and requirements of different user roles, and uncovered valuable information that spanned across the organization.

Uncovering employee habits
within Salesforce enabled
solutions to improve usability.
While conducting interviews with multiple users, firsthand understanding of their experiences and interactions was acquired. Through this approach, key patterns were identified in behaviors, preferences, and pain points. These patterns serve as building blocks for crafting solutions that address common challenges and enhance user satisfaction.

In certain cases, issues with specific features were not detected by the majority of interviewees. However, through the evaluation, potential impacts on future users was foreseen, revealing the importance of addressing concerns raised by a minority.

Patterns in User Behaviours

  1. Users refered to the Highlights Panel often to view important information quickly
  2. Users were unaware of various Salesforce features such as expanding/collapsing accordions and favouriting pages
  3. Users navigated pages mostly through Searching and linking between object pages rather than utilizing tabs at the top of the page
  4. Users were complaining of inconsistent naming conventions
  5. Users found it difficult to find certain required fields or related lists on record pages

The Solution

After completing the interview process, the core issues that users encountered within the Salesforce platform were synthesized. Based on industry experience and expertise in Salesforce, a series of well-considered solutions were compiled to address these challenges. Below are a sampling of the improvements implemented by the company to enhance the overall usability of their Salesforce org and improve efficiency across departments.

Training, Help & Support

It was identified that users were not fully acquainted with some functionality, such as utilizing filtering options in searches, favoriting specific items or pages, and maximizing the potential of the utility bar. Understanding the expandable and collapsible nature of accordions, customizing the navigation bar, and incorporating filters for list views can significantly enhance their experience.

Elevate user guidance by seamlessly integrating the Salesforce in-app Guidance Tool, providing contextual tips and instructions to users within the application.

In-App Guidance Tool Highlighting Favorites Feature

Ownership Transfer of Records

Users were engaged in manual ownership alterations at a record level, often resorting to Data Loader or Data Import Wizard for such modifications. However, this practice comes with risks of unintentionally overwriting data due to its less intuitive interface.

The recommended solution involves the incorporation of a dedicated component designed to guide users through a seamless flow for conducting mass ownership transfers of records. This component could be conveniently accessed from the Utility bar, offering an unobtrusive and readily available launch point.

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