How Apple Changed the World: A New App Economy


NPR Podcast: The Tuesday Podcast: The App Economy

I have tried on more than one occasion to explain how much of an impact iTunes and the concept of paid-apps have changed the world. It is tough and people tend to forget how difficult and inconvenient buying (and selling) items online was. Such a pain that no one would ever bother for something that cost $0.99.

Well NPR has done a great job outlining how monumental a change Apple, iTunes, iPads and iPhones have caused in how we think about and treating buying virtual and real-world goods online and on our phones. Listen to their podcast on the topic below – it is excellent.

Planet Money – The Tuesday Podcast: The App Economy

What are your thoughts on Apple’s impact on ecommerce and mcommerce? Did they alter the payment world or simply capitalize on a trend that was already in the making?

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