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Job Description Templates

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Have you recently joined a leadership team at a B2B SaaS company? 

If the answer is yes, we know one of your priorities is understanding how your new organization is performing; what is working, what is not, and what is the delta between what employees think is happening and reality. CloudKettle works exclusively with Sales and Marketing leaders of fast-growing B2B SaaS companies to figure out just that. Our Revenue Stack Audit provides CROs and CMOs an in-depth view of what is and is not working within their Revenue Stack, including technology, team members, media, campaigns, and partner agencies.

Why You Need the Revenue Stack Audit

The clock is ticking, you need to deliver results, and you’ve inherited a Revenue Stack built by a team you are unfamiliar with. Are they going to feel comfortable telling you what’s working OR, more importantly, what’s not working? You don’t have time to analyze each component. You’re too busy getting to know the product, team, and leadership. You need to start delivering results quickly - the Revenue Stack Audit is how you set yourself up for success.

What Does a Revenue Stack Audit Look Like?

Revenue Stack Audit


You provide us access to your instances of Salesforce, Marketo, Analytics platforms, Data Warehouse, Gainsight, AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Our team of platform experts sifts through each platform for two weeks, documenting what we find. 


With the Discovery complete, team members come onsite to spend two days with you and your team. During our time onsite we meet with end users and administrators of each domain. We ask questions and compare what was found in the Discovery with the human side of the company. We locate the gaps between what people think is happening, what needs to happen, and what the platforms are actually doing.

Audit Report

Following the onsite, CloudKettle provides a 50-70 page document highlighting our findings in clear, plain English. At the end of this document is an executive summary. The summary includes details on a recommended prioritization of what needs to be done; broken into short-term (1-2 months), mid-term (3-9 months) and long-term (10-16 months) improvements. The document gives a general assessment of the team members and/or agency partners, as well as issues related to Salesforce integrations, Marketo, data quality, and security. We also provide feedback related to how the lead generation, nurturing, qualification, sales process, and other funnel activities can be improved. All our recommendations reference next steps relative to the platforms and team you have in place.

Interested in learning more about how a Revenue Stack Audit could benefit you? Fill out the form, email, or call us at 1 (800) 878 4756 x202


Who we are

About us

CloudKettle is a boutique consultancy that helps B2B SaaS companies build and optimize their Revenue Stack. From demand generation through to renewals, we help manage the growth of billions in sales pipeline for our clients. We do this by optimizing their instance of Salesforce and enhancing the performance of the Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, and Customer Support and Success tools it integrates with.

We have deep, real-world experience improving clients’ ROI from Salesforce and tools like Marketo, Eloqua, Bizible, and Hubspot.

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A CRO’s Guide to Revenue and Reporting

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