5 Pardot Templates


5 Free Pardot Email Templates

Who wants simple, elegant, reusable templates that will elevate your email messaging? (Form an orderly line please.)

Our Marketing Automation team has put together 5 helpful templates that will make your email marketing that much easier in 2022 (and beyond). A few important notes on what you’re getting from this free download:

  • fully responsive templates
  • editable Pardot regions
  • compatible with 30+ email clients (tested with Litmus and Email on Acid)
  • built with the MJML framework
  • highly optimized code – emails that load quickly and don’t get cut off in gmail
  • components including buttons, dividers, hero images, spacers, and paragraphs
  • *note – images used in the demo are not included in the download, but can easily be replaced with your own graphics

  1. Click the Download button below and save the .html file to your computer.
  2. Next, open the .html file in your browser or in a text editor. If you used the browser, right click your mouse and select ‘view page source’ to view the email code.
  3. Select and copy the code.
  4. Navigate to Pardot, create and publish a new template by following the steps here. Make sure to replace the HTML code in the template with the one you just copied.


Recommended use: Events, Product updates, Announcements

Modules: Logo, Hero Image, Paragraph, Divider, Spacer, Social Links



Recommended use: Newsletter, Product updates

Modules: Logo, Hero Image, Paragraph, Divider, Spacer, Social Links



Recommended use: Monthly Digest, Product Listing

Modules: Logo, Hero Image, Paragraph, Divider, Two-column, Spacer, Social Links, Footer



Recommended use: E-commerce, Product Listing

Modules: Logo, Hero Image, Header, Paragraph, Two-column, Four-column, Divider, Spacer, Social Links, Footer



Recommended use: Invitations, Announcements, Personal reach-outs

Modules: Logo, Paragraph, Social Links, Footer


Image Credit: Atari, Commodore


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