Saleforce Marketing Cloud Acronym Guide

Salesforce is full of acronyms. They’re very useful, but can also be very confusing – especially if you’re new to the ecosystem.

That’s why Salesforce MVP Eliot Harper has put together his own handy guide of Salesforce Marketing Cloud acronyms with names and descriptions. Eliot explains everything in plain language, so you have a handy reference sheet.

Refer back to this page, or download your own PDF to print off and keep at your desk!

Acronym Name Description
API Application Programming Interface A software interface that enables third-party systems to connect to Marketing Cloud data and programatically perform platform operations, without requiring user intervention.
BU Business Unit Provides user-access control and separation of data and content within an account. Data and content within a BU can be shared across other BUs in an account.
DE Data Extension A relational database table used for storing and retrieving schema-based data.
DM Distributed Marketing A Managed Package for Sales Cloud that enables users to customize and send emails from Journey Builder, without having to login to Marketing Cloud.
ECT Einstein Content Tagging Uses Google Vision to automatically classify and tag image assets from detected image content.
EES Einstein Engagement Scoring A predictive modelling tool for email and MobilePush messaging that segments Contacts based on their likelihood to engage with emails and interact with push notifications.
EEF Einstein Engagement Frequency Predicts the optimal number of emails to send to an individual Subscriber by identifying at what point they are becoming oversaturated or being under messaged.
EID Enterprise Identifier A unique numeric identifier for a Marketing Cloud Account. The EID is equal to the MID of the Parent Business Unit.
ENS Event Notification service Enables third-party systems to receive a callback notification from Marketing Cloud when a message delivery or engagement event occurs. For example, when an email or SMS message is sent, not sent, or bounces.
ET ExactTarget A Software-as-a-Service email marketing provider that was established in 2000 and acquired by Salesforce in 2013. ExactTarget was renamed to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2014.
FLE Field Level Encryption Encrypts Data extension records at a field level. Encrypted values are decrypted at send-time. The feature also substitutes email addresses in the All Subscribers list with a non-identifiable address.
FTAF Forward to a Friend A web form link that can be included in an email enabling Subscribers to forward the email to up to 10 friends and invite them to subscribe.
GTL Guide Template Language A semantic templating language for using JSON-based data to personalize content. Based on Mustache and Handlebars templating engine.
IP Internet Protocol Address A unique string of characters that identifies a machine to communicate over a network. Marketing Cloud accounts send emails using a shared IP address, dedicated IP or pool of dedicated IP addresses.
LLTS Low Latency Triggered Send Email send infrastructure used by the Transactional Messaging API and MCAE.
MCAE Marketing Cloud Account Engagement An email marketing automation and lead management platform B2B organizations (formerly Pardot).
MCE Marketing Cloud Engagement An enterprise marketing automation platform (also referred to as Marketing Cloud).
MID Member Identifier A unique numeric identifier for a Business Unit.
OMM Outbound Mail Management Platform infrastructure for building and sending emails.
PK Primary Key An assigned data extension field that has a unique value identifier for each record.
RMM Reply Mail Management A configurable feature for processing email replies (including auto-replies) and unsubscribe requests.
SAP Sender Authentication Package Branding package that defines the authenticated domain used to send emails, wrap links, images and more. SAPs also include a dedicated IP address for sending emails.
SFMC Salesforce Marketing Cloud Former product name for MCE.
SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol A secure file transfer protocol for exchanging files between systems.
SQL Structured Query Language A language used by Query Activities in Automation Studio to access and manipulate data in DEs and Data Views.
SSJS Server Side Java Script A scripting language based on JavaScript which is primarily oriented to marketing and platform automation use cases.
STO Send Time Optimization An Einstein feature that uses machine learning to send an email or mobile push notification at a time when the Subscriber is most likely to engage with the message. STO can be applied to email and push messages sent from Journey Builder, and emails sent from Automation Studio.
TDE Transparent Data Encryption Provides Data at Rest encryption by storing the entire database in an encrypted format, which prevents anyone with physical access to the database or a a copy from accessing the unencrypted data. Available as a shared (multi-tenant) or dedicated data environment.
TS Triggered Send An email sent using the platform API. Journey Builder also uses Triggered Sends for Email Activities.
TSD Triggered Send Definition Configuration used by a Triggered Send to define the sender profile, classification and other sending options.
TSE Tenant Specific Endpoint An alternative definition for TSSD and is used interchangeably.
TSSD Tenant Specific Sub Domain A unique 28 Character system-generated subdomain that is unique to a Marketing Cloud account (or ‘tenant’) and is used for login, FTP, API and tenant-based CloudPage URLs.
UI User Initiated [Send] Used to batch-send an email to a predefined audience with preconfigured send and tracking parameters. Typically used in an automation, but can be also used for sending or scheduling emails from Email Studio.
VAWP View As Web Page A personalized email link that opens a copy of an email in a web browser.
WAC Web Analytics Connector Automatically appends email links with web analytics parameters, which can be used to attribute webpage visits back to an email using a Web analytics service such as Google Analytics.

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