CloudKettle Roundup

CloudKettle October Roundup

Salesforce for Startups Bootcamp: CRM for Startups

This summer we had the opportunity to present as part of the Salesforce for Startups program at the NYU accelerator. We finally have the video clips back from that Bootcamp, and we’re very excited to share them with you!

Qualifying and Working Leads:

This video covers:

  • How to identify your prospects, medium, and messaging
  • How to create and prioritize your lead list then manage your time for success
  • How to build email and phone scripts and marketing content
  • How to qualify a lead
  • How to follow-up: when and how often

 Understanding Marketing Qualified Leads:

This video covers:

  • How to turn traffic into leads
  • The role of Marketing
  • What a marketing qualified lead is (not all leads go to Sales)
  • Inbound Marketing vs Marketing Automation
  • How to leverage Marketing Automation with Salesforce

How to Manage Sales Pipeline with CRM:

This video covers:

  • What a lead, opportunity, contact and account is in Salesforce
  • How to define the stages of your sales cycle in Salesforce terms
  • How to leverage pre-canned reports and forecasting in Salesforce to manage Sales pipeline
  • How to calculate “Qualified Pipeline Value”
  • How to increase Sales Velocity

October Social Roundup:

  1. Odds are your marketing stack is way bigger than you think it is  
  2. What were Aaron Ross’s biggest takeaways from seeing Salesforce scale into hyper-growth mode? [Podcast]
  3. Building the Foundation of your Account Based Sales Development Program by Sales Hacker
  4. A Look into Chile’s innovative startup government

Coming up for CloudKettle:

As always, Dreamforce 2016 was incredible. Our CEO, Greg Poirier, sat on a panel about How Great Consultants Collaborate with Salesforce, with fellow Salesforce partners from Bluewolf and Deloitte Digital. Check out the full video here.

Now that the Dreamforce dust has settled, here’s what’s next for CloudKettle:

Give us a shout if you’re either attending these conference or in these cities and looking to connect!

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