Join CloudKettle at Dreamforce

Join CloudKettle at Dreamforce

Join CloudKettle at Dreamforce for Partner Marketing: How Great Consultants Collaborate with Salesforce

Next week, our president, Greg Poirier, will be one of three panelists speaking on “Partner Marketing: How Great Consultants Collaborate with Salesforce.” Other panelists include, Kat (An) Suyderhoud, Senior Manager at Partner Marketing Salesforce, Ryan Esposto, Advisory Technical Architect at Deloitte Digital, and Edward Schlicksup, Engagement Manager at Bluewolf.

Join CloudKettle at Dreamforce on Tuesday, October 4, from 1:00 PM – 1:40 PM at the Park Central Hotel, San Francisco. Bookmark the session in your calendar here:

The session focuses on how to avoid roadblocks and process issues, scale to support even your largest enterprise clients, and ensure the success of your customers and your overall business.

Whether you are a large or small consultant, a long-standing partner or brand new, this session is applicable to you! Join us to hear directly from other consulting partners who have achieved success through proper planning.  

See you at Dreamforce! 


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