What is a QR Code

QR codes are already on their way to being a dead technology. As NFC (Near Field Communications) chips become embedded in mobile devices, the need to use a scannable barcode...

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Examples of QR Codes in the Wild

My last post on Quick Response (QR) Codes generated a lot of interest and questions. Specifically in terms of real life examples of QR codes “in the wild”. As I...

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What do I do for a living?

I am lucky to have a job that I love with a company I find exciting. I read blogs, studies and research in my free time almost every night. When...

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Security Guide: How to Protect and Monitor Salesforce

As the cost and risks associated with data breaches continue to climb, cybersecurity is a topic that should be a priority for every B2B SaaS company. Recently, IBM published that...

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